Fit 3D: Now Available at Integrated Chiropractic

If you can measure it—you can manage it! Since 2011 Dr. Joseph and his coaching team at Ideal Health Center have offered Ideal Protein as a weight loss solution. During that time our coaching team has attending various trainings to develop their knowledge of nutrition as it pertains to weight loss. Since all of our Ideal Protein coaches have also lost weight on the diet, they know first-hand the power of education and commitment.

Technology has also progressed during that time and we’d like to introduce our newest tool in the fight against flab: the FIT 3D Proscanner.

Fit 3D is a comprehensive body scanner and scale the provides our clients with 10 wellness metrics. This includes weight, body fat percentage, fitness level, body shape rating (Fit 3D’s alternative to the problematic BMI) and more. The scanner also takes 12 body measurements from tip to tail to ensure weight loss and body composition is on-point.

The Fit 3D is complimentary for all Ideal Protein clients but chiropractic patients can enjoy a complimentary scan to better understand their health.

The scan takes about five minutes. Clients undress to bra/underwear in a private room, scan and then meet one of our team members to review results. Afterwards, with just an email and password, clients can review their results at home—and more importantly, share the information with healthcare providers.

Ask how you can benefit from our Fit 3D at your next chiropractic appointment.