Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein: It Just Makes Sense! 
With twenty years of practice experience between them, Dr. Sean Joseph together with fellow Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Christman have responded to their patients’ requests for a healthy and permanent way to lose weight.

Ideal Protein is a medically designed weight loss program that promotes fat loss while sparing muscle mass. The program has a start and end date, involves weekly coaching and nutritional counseling and features a variety of different protein-based food.

How It Works
Your body has four ways of obtaining energy: blood glucose, glycogen, fat and muscle. Your body will begin burning blood glucose first and then move to its glycogen reserve. Only when that is exhausted, will your body begin to draw from fat and muscle compartments. During the weight loss portion of Ideal Protein, carbohydrates are restricted so the body can access its fat reserve.  Lean muscle mass is protected because the body will receive the “ideal” amount of protein needed to maintain vitality. After you’ve achieved your personalized goal, you’ll move to the weight stabilization phases and finally to maintenance. Your Ideal Protein coach, who has also lost weight on the program, will walk you though the process.

Lasting Results
Weekly coaching, nutritional counseling and weekly weigh-ins with our body composition analyzer to assess body fat percentage, fat mass and hydration help to hold you accountable and motivate you to the next level. We’ve also got your back in maintenance, because that’s where the real work begins!

Talk with Dr. Joseph at your next appointment or contact Ideal Protein Coach, Dionne @ 360-500-0311 to learn more. 

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Ideal Protein: It Just Makes Sense!

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