Often patients experience symptoms of discomfort and/or pain like: stiffness, achiness, stabbing, burning, sharpness and don’t know what to do.

Once a primary diagnosis is made, proper joint mechanics are treated through correction of restrictions in the joints normal range (Joint Dysfunction or Subluxation) using skilled adjusting techniques.

Our treatment philosophy: Once CORRECT mechanics are achieved, we then work on stability through strengthening exercises and stretching, in tailored areas of chronic weakness or dysfunction to STABILIZE a frequently dysfunctional joint(s). MAINTAIN the health of the joint with proper and regular adjustments, lifestyle education and home exercises with manual therapy techniques all to keep the benefits, prevent painful reoccurrences and not chase symptoms.

The adjusting techniques used are:
Diversified manual low amplitude, high velocity movements in a normal physiological range of motion to a joint. Chiropractic adjustment tools like: Activators, Impulse Adjustors, Thompson Drop Table/Pieces, Rapid Release Technology, Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release can all be used to improve joint motion dysfunction.

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