About Us

our mission

We are dedicated to providing the West Sound area with exceptional care; providing each patient with an individualized treatment plan that is both compassionate and comprehensive.

We believe Chiropractic should be affordable and work within our patients’ budgets to create treatment plans that work for them.

We believe Chiropractic should be accessible and offer our patients the choice of scheduled appointments, “timeless” appointments, or dropping-in, no appointment required.

We use a state-of-the-art Chiropractic approach in a comfortable environment, focusing on
Phases of care: Acute Relief, Correction, Stability and Maintenance.

Integrated Chiropractic exists for you. Call, email or Facebook us, we’d love to hear your story. 

Feel Better with Chiropractic

  • Pain in the neck, knee, back or shoulder?  Chiropractic is your natural option.
  • Medication hurting as much as your pain? Chiropractic is drug-free.
  • Interested in exploring natural healing therapies instead of surgery?                             Chiropractic is a non-surgical science.

 Chiropractic works.


  • Dr. Sean Joseph is truly a blessing! He has helped not only myself, but also my husband and my children. My families health has greatly improved because of his care and instructions. He is attentive, caring and extremely knowledgeable! His innovative approach to providing health and wellness is like no other chiropractor out there. He truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help provide optimal health results and benefits. I trust him with my life and my families life!

    Michelle G.

  • My fiancé and I are frequent athletes. We train often. When not preparing ourselves for the next triathlon, we run or bike the beautiful trails of Kitsap County…and raise a 10 year old to boot 🙂 Invariably, all of this can wear on our bodies. Routine chiropractic care helps keep our body’s aligned, our posture straight, and our minds clear. I first met Dr. Sean at a West Sound Tri Club meeting. His professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the care of his patients impressed me the most…and it is what keeps me coming back. I especially appreciate his knowledge of the body, kinetically. He seeks to treat the root of the problem and not only the symptoms. Thank you Dr. Sean – for everything you do!!

    J S.

  • Dr. Sean Joseph is amazing at his profession. He can take you from constant pain to feeling pain free. He really cares about his patients and takes the time to explain what the symptoms are and to finding a path to feeling healthy. He separates himself from the other chiropractors. I would definitely recommend him!

    Derek M.

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