4 Simple Steps to Improving Posture

One of the most effective ways to get the most out of your Chiropractic visit is by learning to develop good posture.


  • Ensure the monitor is at eye level
  • Place the keyboard slightly in front of your stomach to minimize reaching
  • Maintain adequate lumbar (low back) support
  • Keep your knees in front of your hips


  • Only sleep on your side or back, never your stomach
  • When on your back, add 1-2 pillows under knees, allowing only a slight curve under the neck that can be produced by a Chiropractic pillow or a rolled-towel between pillow and pillow case.
  • Recommended Chiropractic pillows are Therapeutica and ChiroFlow (both available at Amazon.com with Therapeutica pillows requiring some measuring for the correct pillow choice). Memory Foam is typically not the best option, as we don’t need our bad habits enforced.
  • Your mattress has a lifespan of about five years. Test its health by lying on your side and verifying your head and spine are level with the ground. If there’s any dipping it’s time to spin, flip or replace the mattress.


  • How should we stand? Remember the 3 simple exercises below and always remind yourself to stand symmetrically rather than leaning on one side only.
  • Here are three simple exercises to help you ‘stand’ with good posture:

(1) Pull your belly button in toward your spine, making sure to use muscle and not hold your breathe.

(2) Pull your shoulder blades back and down.

(3) Keep your ears in line with the front of your shoulder (not in front and not behind the shoulders).


  • We treat more than backs and back pain. Let us help keep you well through adjustments as necessary to help your spine function at its best.
  • Non-painful adjustments are like structural stretches to wake up those receptors in the spine and create a new muscle memory over time, which helps in remodeling the spine to function better.
  • Good Chiropractic care can alleviate pain and prevent future occurrences by regular maintenance. With a consistent wellness strategy the pain cycle can be eliminated or reduced as posture improves.
  • Chiropractic in addition to massage therapy and a good home exercise plan can make all the difference.

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